Friday, October 9, 2009

Is Comcast Really this dense?

Anyone who has seen been surfing the internet and recieved the annoying anti-virus pop-up knows what a pain (not to mention danger) that these can be to your system. For those who have never seen this, what happens is that a window opens that looks suprising like your "My Computer" window, some smaller pop-up opens, and you are informed that your system is probably/maybe/definitely infected with any number of virus.
The most prevalent hosting for these malicious, fake, and generally money scamming anti-virus pop-ups is Velcom ( However, Comcast customers in the Denver area may have even more cause for concern.
As reported by Sunbelt Blog on 8 October, Comcast will begin presenting pop-ups to users when their computer is identified as being part of a botnet. The people of Denver now get the pleasure of questioning whether the pop-up anti-virus window is real or not, in ADDITION to wondering if the Comcast pop-up warning is real or not as well.
Personally, I think that this has to be one of the stupidiest ways for an ISP to warn its customers (in addition to invasive), and I would seriously question the team that came up with this "bright idea."

Fake/Malicious/Money Mule anti-virus: using pop-ups
Comcast: using pop-ups.

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