Friday, September 11, 2009

But my profile is private

I don't want to bash too much on Facebook (see previous post), but there is another concern out there that I wanted to publicize: Your private Facebook profile may not be private!

As tested by Super-Phil (a guy I work with), having a private profile on Facebook is really only private (which does not imply that it cannot be hacked anyway) if you do NOT join any groups. What do this mean?????

For a situational example, let's say that you are bored and trolling Facebook for ex-girlfriends. Suddenly you find one and your excited to make contact...only to be deflated by the fact that when you click on your ex's profile, you are told that some or all content is visible only to your ex's Facebook friends. Now isn't that a bummer! However, there is a way around this, or a caution for those who wish to remain private: if your ex is part of a group on Facebook!

What do you do? Join the group! After joining the group, as Super-Phil tested this past weekend, you can see any other member's FULL profile. I leave it up to the reader to decide if this is good or bad. I cannot currently test this from where I am at right now, but I have faith in Super-Phil, as he is a Facebook and vulnerability guru.

Something else that Super-Phil noted: be wary of sites such as NING dot com (apparently they are currently being sued) becuase they scrape Facebook profiles and put your information out there for even more to see....even if your profile on Facebook is private, but you are a member/customer of sites such as NING.

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