Monday, July 27, 2009

Drop it and Run?

I have never been able to just quit something without a reason. Nor have I been able to walk away from problems unsolved without at least making sure that I have said "my peace." I mention this because I turned in my two-week notice last Thursday, and yet here I am, still trying to solve problems for my current (for the next 8 working days) employer.

Anyway, I will save the complaining for another time but there are two things really standing out to me right now:
1) We (the cyber security section) asked for access to our network scanner over a month ago, for the second time. Finally, after the GM said we were to be given access so that we had oversight and could do our own scans, we were informed that we had access. The problem came with the fact that our normal user accounts were used, through LDAP, to grant this access. This does not allow for oversight, or privileged scanning. I KNOW that the system admins knew this is how they set it up, ignoring the requirement and the GM. However, that is all I am going to say on that for now.
2) Symantec Endpoint Protection 11: Holy Crud! What should be a very simple install has become a pain, for me and the second Symantec tech support guy (who has been A LOT better than the first).
We (my boss and I) started out with getting the pre-req's installed: java, ASP, IIS. We verified all permissions and that the IIS setup was correct. Then we installed SEP11.
The problem we had was that the clients would NEVER talk to the server. So again, at the request of the Syamanted Tech guy, we double and triple-checked the settings for IIS, the communications file (Sylink.xml), the network connectivity, etc. Nada! After the third day, the tech rep asked us to uninstall IIS (no other app was using) and SEP manager. This we did, in addition to removing the symantec client on the server box as well. We went so far as to verify that there was no left over symantec data ANYWHERE on the system.
Unfortunately, after we did all of this, we (this time with the web admin, to cover our rear-ends) set out to re-install IIS and verify its installation. However, it would NEVER install correctly. After hours of digging around on the few error messages we had, I found that this related back to file permissions on the %windir%/Registration folder (an old, MS05-051, issue). So I did the obvious thing and started to manually ensure that the permissions were correct.
However, even before I could make one change, the system froze! I was able to log off and attemp to log on, only to have the system freeze completely! What happened next was BAD!
I waited, and I waited, but the system would just not finish loading. So, I did what I think to be the obvious, and only, option: I did a hard shutdown of the server. This is a Dell PowerEdge 1950, and I already had questions about how the sysadmins set it up...but that's a WHOLE different blog. In any case, what happened was that the Server will NOT, at all, power back up! I have never had a server that had basically nothing on it, (wasn't even in production yet, really) fail to start after a hard shutdown!
To be continued?....

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