Friday, July 31, 2015

Moving on in life, career

I had really thought that I would already be in bed sound asleep tonight after a busy day. Unfortunately, it is the 3rd of July, which comes directly after the 2nd of July, and directly before the 4th of July, which I am certain any 2nd grader could have told everyone. Anyway, it's around this time of year that at basically any time of the day or night, even here in West Bloomfield, that those wonderful mortar rounds start going...I mean fireworks. Fireworks to most people, and even to me sometimes...but also mortar, rocket, IED, etc. exploding all around. So...until I am not so...amped...up, I figured I'd watch a movie and write some stuff here. :-)

New Job, New Home, New Peoples, Old Family, Old Friends, Old Home!
In the last month we, my family and I, packed up house and trucks and headed north. Hopefully it's our next to last final one before we find some land and build a perfect Michigan Palace...and no, I don't meet a double-wide in Warren. OK...maybe a bad joke so a I'll add a heartfelt apology to the people in Warren, in trailers or otherwise.

Anyway, back to the move for a quick second. I learned a few very important lessons with this move, in both career terms and in taking care of our 'stuff.' I'll be happy to share these in a minute but first I think I might mention the reason for the move.

In August of 2014 we packed up our lives in Augusta, GA and headed for the 'DC Life,' with my job in Alexandria, contracting still for the Army (Northrop Grumman) as a Cyber Operator on the Army's Red Team. Now, I don't care what organization you are with or who you fantasize is the best 'Red Team' and techs. I will tell you that I'd be more than happy to go 'fist to cuffs' with anyone who doesn't agree that the Cyber Operators on the Army's Red Team have been the best, have trained some of the best', and have proven this time and again. Anyway, I digress.

Although we moved there in August of 2014 and I felt like I was a part of the team from the get-go, it was also a contract re-bid year for what I assume is at least 80% the DoD. This meant that a lot of good people on the team received some very good offers to move on. So, I still loved the time I spent there and there really are some excellent operators sitting there now. But with the composition changing so much and some frustration my wife was having with her own job as a teacher, she said she was ready to go.

I came across, on a whimsical look at, a posting for a CyberSecurity guy/gal...and it was in Auburn Hills, MI with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.I applied, interviewed, felt I blew it but they still flew me up for a panel interview which I knew I blew. Then I got THE Offer. The kind of offer a mid-career techie like me loves to get. Small team, individual's with particular areas of focus, such as Vehicular Network Penetration Testing (MINE!!!), great money (for a guy who's not really greedy anyway, AND the FULL relocation package with free realtors, movers, packers, etc. Oh, and the benefits are OUTSTANDING. Most importantly, the people I am working with directly and tangentially are pretty AWESOME.

So, I have been at FCA for two weeks now and am having a blast. About my only complaint is that I need to get a corporate leash (at least I got to pick a Droid) :-) Seriously though I love it. I have been inundated with new project assignments, taking over other projects, and just digging chest-deep into new protocols and tactics! 

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