Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SNORT Rules Cheat Sheet

I like...make that LOVE...cheat sheets and easy-to-use Quick Reference Guides. I like them so much, I make my own when time permits. So, I thought I would share one here. I got tired of looking for the latest location that I stored the latest SNORT manual at on my computer. Although I like to think I am organized, I do know that I am forgetful. So, it is not uncommon for me to forget where I have placed things. My solution was to, like I said already, to create a cheat sheet of SNORT rule options.

This cheat sheet is basically a version 1 document...only slightly past the draft stage. :-) However, it is a fairly good listing and explanation of the different options (as taken straight from the manual), and the base format, of SNORT rules. I welcome any comments, complaints, or suggestions.

The links below are for the both the PDF and PPTX version of the cheat sheet.

Snort Rules Cheat Sheet (PDF Format)      Snort Rules Cheat Sheet (PPTX Format) that I am not trudging through schoolwork until 3 a.m., I can finally get back to working on a desktop app that I started for creating/validating Snort rules. Last time I worked on it, I was about 80% done with the app. However, I had also started thinking about either changing it or forking it to create a tool for the description of a good number (I forget all the protocols I had already addressed) packet standards. I started thinking of it as more of a reference and learning tool for anyone that wants to get started with intrusion detection, or even those who just want a quick desktop app reference guide.

One really, REALLY, cool thing I did already start to add was an event listener for mouse-clicks on the different sections (to include at the bit level) of the packet format displayed. This event listener would create at least one (depending on a few variables) set of statements for tools such as tcpdump (live capture or from file) or tshark (for stripping out from a pcap file those packets an analyst may want to look at more in detail.

I would be greatly interested in any feedback on this idea. I do have a website I am finishing first but I hope to have a release version of this tool, at least as a teaching/reference tool for packets, in the next 2-3 weeks. Not sure if I am going to keep the Snort rule testing part in this as Snort already has this functionality.

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  1. Thanks for the cheat sheet. I would be interested in that desktop app you describe. I'd prefer Linux, but have XP running in Virtualbox.