Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Checking in...and ISSA Meeting awesomeness!

So I didn't get the time I thought I would to do one "oneliner each day" for July. Been really busy with work trips, finishing up a grueling semester with the world's worst professor, and just trying to take a breather for a day or two. That said, I really don't have any freetime right now with the kids and the wife starting school. However, I did make time to go the Quarterly Greater Augusta ISSA meeting. That was a GREAT decision.

Not only was it great to see friends and catch-up a little...it was really awesome to listen to John Strand (of pauldotcom.com fame and http://www.john-strand.com/) and Matt Jonkman (Emerging Threats, Suricata). Anyone who was aware of this meeting and just arbitrarily chose to not go...shame on you becuase it was VERY good!

Strand's presentation was really kick-butt. He talked more about a change in culture, what's effective (and not effective) and things he thought were appropriate for moving forward. The real examples he laid out, especially regarding SSL issues, were pretty awesome! The dude was really rocking his presentation and I think we all learned something while having some really good laughs!

Jonkman focused primarily on Suricata. It started out more like a sales pitch and, in fairness, it probably primarily was just that. However, the information he passed ended up being pretty interesting to me, especially about some of the upcoming releases for Suricata. I have had some exchanges with Jonkman in the past and he's always struck me as pretty smart, which he again appeared to be so tonight.

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