Friday, July 1, 2011

Updated my certs --- GSNA and MCTS

This last week I reviewed and sat the GSNA and the MS70-643 (which I was certain that I would fail). I ended up falling asleep in the GSNA and passing with 86%. Next time it'll be above 90% though. I was surprised at the 70-643. I took it cold a few months ago and bombed it...I think my score was just under 500. That was my first ever MS test experience and for some reason I thought the CISSP experience was more pleasant. In any event, I earned an 890 on that exam.
I had initially bought the vouchers (a 2-pack) for my previous job. However, I don't really need any MS certs now for where I am (Back in packet analysis heaven!!!!!). I do have another voucher out of the pack I bought, so I'll have to se that one. After that, maybe the full MCITP.
But I want to really look into is the SANS GSE or Cyber Guardian programs, the GREM, GCIH, and GCFA. Those sound like fun. Some linux ones would be cool too.
I realize that I like the certs. Not for my resume or my wall...but for my own sense of accomplishment. I mean let's face it, only the person sitting the exam knows for sure how much knowledge they had and how much brain-dump help that they had in passing. I like to learn new things, and expanding my skillset and then proving to ME that I learned something....I like that!!!

I even made a picture:

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