Friday, August 14, 2009

Unpack the Junk instead of Opening it

Today I learned a new and awesome trick for unpacking javascript that is found in packet captures. I have pasted the method below from the original site, along with the link to the author's posting. In short, this is an invaluable tool and makes me love Firefox even more!

Update: This technique can also be used to deobfuscate Yahoo Counters.

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Without any intro – crap that I usually write explaining why I had to write this post, I’m going for the subject. You(general junta or web developers or scared security guys) might see some eval packed javascript which phishing idiots ask you to copy paste on your URL bar and hit enter key.
Unpacking JS is a PITA was an answer that my brain use to give whenever I think about it. Just now, I found a very easy method to convert it into readable Javascript without any extra tool (IE boys, run away) Its very simple in FF or Opera.
FF guys, all you need to do is …
Copy the eval packed JS. something like —- eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,d){e=function(c) …………………. }
Open Error Console on your firefox
Paste the packed JS in Code input tab
Add eval = alert; at the beginning of the code
Hit Evaluate
You will get the proper javascript for the packed javascript. Copy paste it into any code prettifier. It will become perfectly readable. Opera folks, follow this. Packed JS is a huge asset for Phishing as who would have expected that packed JS in this code will make you join around 26 communities and send some stupid message to all your friends without your knowledge as soon as you copy paste some JS code on your URL bar and hit enter.
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